What type of women do men hate
What type of women do men hate


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What type of women do men hate

What type of women do men hate

Are you curious to know what type of woman do men hate? Wouldn't you want to avoid to be that woman? What is "hate"? Hate is something the opposite of love or like. Men do hate certain type of women though.

Men hate a nagging woman. Have you ever hear expression "Don't nag me. Stop nagging. You are like my mom!" Some men could say this, where as other men would just think it. What is worse him to say or think? The worse is when he is feeling it and you are the cause. No woman want's to be considered as nagging woman. If you ask him he something doesn't want or doesn't like, you could appear as nagging woman and he will try to avoid you.

Men hate boring women. As much as women love fun and exciting men, men love fun and exciting women too. There many characteristics that can make a woman appear boring.

Men hate bossy women. Yes, men want a soft, nice woman, but not a bossy woman. Men want to feel loved and appreciated but bossy woman is too bossy to express a lot of affection. Men want to feel relaxed and loved at home, they don't want to feel as they are still at work around bossy women. Men need and crave affection as much as you do, they just aren't willing always openly admit it.

Men hate women with bad habits. Men hate when a woman drinks a lot, smokes, overeats or does anything else that reminds him of a man in you. Anything that kills romance men will hate.

Men hate when a woman doesn't dress up. Put on a cute sexy outfit, or better don't wear anything at all. Men love to see a woman in a sexy dress, high heels or just plain naked. Don't wear his clothes, keeps yourself fresh and beautiful and men will love you.

Men hate women who cuss. Use appropriate language always if you can. Men don't want to hear cussing words or any inappropriate language that he finds offensive and manlike. Men don't want to hear a woman swearing, so work on your language skills and you will have a better chance appearing attractive.

Men hate negative women. Be happy and positive and he will love you. Men love happy women. If you are negative most of the time he could easily get frustrated. Men want to please you. If you are too negative it could be a huge turn off for him. Stay positive and he will notice more great things about you.